Saturday, June 9, 2012

There's a fundamental problem, here.

Yesterday, we posted an article regarding Nancy Pelosi and with respect to all that money in politics. In the comment section, KT wrote the following:

I wonder what she does for fun. Is everything in her life politics?

Now, why would he say such a mean-spirited insightful thing? Because Nancy Pelosi says stuff like the following:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) said at her Thursday press briefing that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act—AKA Obamacre—is not a privilege but “a right.”

At the same time, Pelosi also said Social Security and Medicare are rights.

“Here's the thing: the American Affordable Care Act stands there with Social Security, Medicare, health care for all Americans as a right, not a privilege," said Pelosi. “It was opposed vigorously by two forces: one, the health insurance industry, and secondly by anti-government ideologues who do not believe that there should be a government role in clean air, clean water, as well as health care in our country.

“We don't want our proposal to have any more government than it needs,” said Pelosi.

That last statement is proof-positive she's been hitting the choom.

When you say purchasing a good or service, such as buying medication or getting a hip replacement, is a right and that government-run entitlement programs are rights, it does become all about the government.

Check out the subject character of that failed Obama campaign "Julia":

Does she look like she'd be any fun to hang around with?

A soulless and joyless (and faceless, apparently) existence that is utterly dependent upon the government. Julia is a ward of the state. An absolute drone that is sapped of initiative, foresight and rational self-interest by a by a cradle-to-grave nanny state that has conferred upon her all manner of "rights". Yaaaayy.

A reasonable safety net is one thing but a life completely void of any risk and self-responsibility does not sound like a whole lot of fun to us.

To answer KT's question, though... no. We have no idea what Speaker Pelosi does for fun. All we know is that being this nation's busy-body figure-head and chief Constitutional distorter must be a 24/7 job.


K T Cat said...


I asked the question because as I read your previous post, her speech sounded so alien. Here in the Catican this weekend, we're going full-on Irish in support of the lads playing in the Euro 2012 tournament. In fact, as I'm writing this, I'm munching on some boxty.

Later, if I have time, I'm going to pull the starter out of the MGB and see what I did to it when I tried to use my remote starter switch. (Don't ask.)

You regularly post about all kinds of fun things that you do which don't involve politics at all.

This brings me to Nancy. Everything you ever hear about her is political. I never hear about her doing something equivalent to Reagan clearing brush on his ranch. Everything involves the government in some way, like Composite Girlfriend Julia.

Like you said, what a total drag.

SarahB said...

Give the poor lady a break, if plastic surgery rendered you unable to close your eyes, you'd be incapable of fun as well.

Anonymous said...

KT Cat--
I know she belongs to the Golden Gate Yacht Club in San Francisco. I DOUBT she joined it u til Larry Ellison bought, I mean joined it. Before then, it was a dying-on-the-vine club pretty much desperate for members, and if you wanted to rub elbows with the Glitterati of the Bay, you'd Jon the St. Francis.

Dean said...

Sarah, +1.

K T Cat said...

Anon, that's kind of what I mean. She joined, but not for the pleasure of sailing. It's weird.

Anonymous said...

I hear using your government position to improve personal investment yield is fun.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

...continuing from earlier:

I never did see her at GGYC, but then, I'm not a member, just a sailor who hangs out with some friends there who are members. She could show up for some functions there, but I just don't see--the parking is really bad.

Anonymous said...

KT-I completely agree with you. Just pointing out something about her that supports what you're saying.