Monday, March 18, 2013

Awww... Bill Maher a little late to the personal responsibilty party

Bill Maher on the New York City soda ban and why “liberal fascism” is not at all contradictory but actually quite complimentary.

"I am for overturning this ban," HBO host Bill Maher said about New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's soda ban. "I think this is what makes liberals look bad. This is what makes liberals look like elitist bullies who think they know everything and can tell people what to do."

"Again, it is what makes liberals look bad. They never met a regulation they didn't like. Of course, we should do something about this problem, but what if I want to have that one Big Gulp once a week? I should be able to," he added.

"You shouldn't have to clear what you eat with the municipal government," Maher also said.

While we whole-heartedly agree with the creepy little misogynist, the current trajectory of healthcare in this country necessarily dictates that the government gets more involved with what you eat and drink.

Since we are rapidly approaching the “we’re all in this together” state of being with government-managed healthcare trending towards a single-payer system, the government and it’s tax-paying citizens are vested parties in your healthcare and will most likely want a say in what you are shoveling down your pie hole.

So, isn’t that terrific: We are now in a political environment where we go from being completely hands-off libertarians with respect to what other people eat, drink and, in general, what they do to their bodies, to finger-wagging nanny-scolds. If there is anything that points to the wrongness of government-managed healthcare, it is that.

If you wish to make poor life decision, dietary or otherwise, no person nor governmental entity should stand in your way of doing so. Of course, you are on the hook for the consequences of behaving badly also, right? Unfortunately, this simple life rule of sleeping in the bed one makes that we all learned back in kindergarten has been blown to smithereens with the encroaching entitlement/welfare state over the decades, culminating now with the passage of ObamaCare some 3 years ago.


A message of warning to our plentiful smoking friends: we are going to be absolutely insufferable nags from here on out. Hey, it may be your body but it’s our bucks.



Anonymous said...
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Mostly Nothing said...

So Maher is against the ban because it makes liberals look like what they are?

I think he hit it on the head. He's against the ban because it affects him.

Dean said...

MN, great point. This effects his brand thus no-likey.

K T Cat said...

I hate it when MN comments on a blog post before I do. He says all the good stuff, leaving me nothing but crumbs.

Anonymous said...

...and now he has spoken against high taxes.

my favorite part is when he "threatens" liberals that they could lose him. my gut instinct is he will forget all these stances come next election cycle.

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