Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's pretty clear what this is all about

Now that millions of Americans are finding out, contrary to what the President continually insisted, that you cannot keep your healthcare plan and that they indeed knew that you wouldn't be able to keep it, a convenient new meme has emerged to cover Team O's collective ass: the health care plan you were shoved into is better than the one you had so just deal with it..

That's right: an overwhelming majority of Americans that were satisfied with their current coverage were just flat out wrong and they needed an obtrusive mandatory federal program to tell them that.

Allow Charles Krauthammer to retort (please click here for video):

It’s precisely why historically centrally-planned economies don’t work. The Soviets had a plan for this much steel and this much concrete and it had no response to what was out there in the market and they overproduced. So, they had a lot of production numbers and they had an economy that was unworkable. Here these people are deciding if you’re a single male in your 60s, you don’t need the maternal care, you don’t — you’ve never smoked dope, you don’t need the substance abuse stuff. You want a catastrophic plan which is very rational, but Jay Carney is saying, you know, ‘you’re too stupid to understand what you want.’ Once you eliminate the market response, which is a lot of people decide I know what I want better than the bureaucrat and they’re eliminating this. That’s the essence of what’s happening and that’s why it’s not going to work.

At the end of the day the core ideology that informs collectivists like the President and which drives them to legislation like ObamaCare is this: You're too ignorant to handle your own matters, so they'll do it for you.


K T Cat said...

What Obama meant: If I like your insurance, you can keep it!

Anonymous said...

Just tell them, Uncle Huey lied. Dad