Sunday, October 6, 2013

Video clip of the day presents their Nanny of the Month:

(video approx. 2 minutes long)

Beers with Demo's Politics for Dummies 101: If the rationale for your law is "it's for the kids/children", there is a high probability your law sucks.

Our favorite moral scold KT might view the breakdown of basic family structure as just an excuse for the government to exert more control over our lives. A society free of government control over personal matters necessarily requires self-policing and parenting of children who don't behave like idiots.

It's apparent we are incapable of these basic societal functions, so of course, the state will step in to give us a hand and we will be totally cool with that.

Totally related: that model of freedom and liberty, China, employs 2 million people to monitor its citizens internet usage.