Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Who won? Rest assured, it sure as hell wasn't you

I've got news for you all, friends. There are no longer Democrats and Republicans but you have probably realized that for a while. There is an establishment political class in Washington D.C. and then there's the rest of us saps out here in the hustings.

They merely continued the status quo with this deal to temporarily raise the debt ceiling and covered their own rear ends with it because apparently not many people want to clue into the reality that being 17T in the hole ain't such a hot idea. It would appear that the majority of Americans are cool with generational rape where we spend money we don't have and are completely fine with sticking our children and our children's children with the price tag of our own spending folly and now, yet another entitlement program we can't afford.

Frankly, we're glad we have people there like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul who will stand up to the establishment within their own party and be willing to take on President Dronestrike when he thinks he can simply brush aside the 4th amendment and no one bats an eye because we just all assume he's ultimately benevolent and wise enough to be trusted regarding who he can wack without any due process or oversight.

Simple life lessons such as personal responsibility and only purchasing things you can afford... stuff that you learned growing up if you had parent(s) that were worth a damn, are viewed as "extremist" positions by the political class of Washington D.C. So be it.

So, bravo, status quo. You won again. Kicking the can down the road until February when we can do this all over again.



dustydog said...

When they say the debt is $140,000 for everyone, that isn't that bad. That's a lot of money, but forcing everyone to pay an extra $3500 per year over 40 years isn't unimaginable.

Of course, people are having fewer kids, so the amount goes up. And poor people can't be expected to pay, so the amount goes up for those who work. And the admitted debt is only a fraction of the real debt, so the amount goes up.

America will likely repudiate the debt by inflation. But it isn't completely beyond the realm of imagination, to think of working adults paying an extra $10,000/year in taxes.

K T Cat said...

"America will likely repudiate the debt by inflation"

That's just words, big guy. Take half of the stuff in your house, food included, and toss it into a local canyon. Then carpool everywhere. Even to go shopping.

Welcome to "America will likely repudiate the debt by inflation"

Yes, I know this is friendly fire. I've had a few and am returning to my polemic roots tonight.


Unknown said...

some good back and forth from both of you. I am with Miss Kitty here with the absurd notion we can kick the can down the road with sound economic policy.

Stop spending more than we take in, stop waste and corruption, and let a free economy take its natural course.