Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008. What to look forward to…. Well, in the short-term, 6 absolutely meaningless bowl games. Any New Year’s wishes…? For starters, blowup this travesty of a mockery of a sham called the BCS and go to a full-blown playoff system or just go back to the old bowl format circa 1980. And the presidential candidates have been out on the campaign trail in earnest (but mostly Iowa and New Hampshire) for 6 months now with 10 more to go until the general election in November…. can we do something about that?

“New Year’s resolutions”, anyone? We’ve never been much for them so no reason to start now.

(A Mongo update: An “Up With People” sighting at the Rose Parade. He swears it. We believed we saw their swan song performance at half-time of the Holiday Bowl about 3-4 years ago. These khaki-clad, polo shirt-wearing individuals with the chemically-enhanced smiles were the self-affirmation shock troops of the 70s. We put them only a notch above clowns for the ability to cause “unease” among children and a notch above mimes and magic tricks for “general benefit to society.” By the way, the update was provided by a phone call… on a land line. No text, no email, no smoke signals. Just wanted to point that out.)

Happy New Years, everyone!


K T Cat said...

I'm debating a New Years resolutions post as well as a New Years prediction post.

The prediction post I have half-written in my head is pretty gloomy, so I don't think I'll do it. My resolutions post is probably too personal.

Dean said...

KT, Save the doom'n'gloom for now. We've got football on the tube (...and Richard Pryor on the radio) and "Up with People" is apparently back to keep us in a perpetually peppy mood. Life is good!

Road Dawg said...

Up with people? I Wikepedia'd them and watched a Nixon video on YouTube. What am I missing?