Monday, January 14, 2008

John McCain doesn't appreciate your lack of respect for the military.

John McCain was stumping in Michigan and speaking on the topic of immigration when as this video shows he started drifting into mealy-mouthed Amnesty-speak. A few people in the audience (our type of people) recognizing this b.s. for what it is let out very audible groans but then McCain just shut ‘em down to wild applause with this:

“I’m not going to call up a soldier who’s fighting in Iraq today and tell him I’m deporting his mother. I'm not going to do it, you can do it”.

Huh? Did he just say that? Did the man who wants to be the most powerful man on the planet just try to link service in Iraq with illegal immigration? We’re dying to know just how many troops serving in Iraq or even Afghanistan have mothers that are here illegally. ...and what about Bosnia, McCain? – you forgot about Bosnia… like those peoples’ mothers don’t deserve some shameless pandering also? How pathetic.

If you’ve ever wondered just how tortured the logic has become and just how far gone the Amnesty cabal is, look no further than that quote.


B-Daddy said...

Politicians, like lawyers, try to change the terms of debate when it's not trending their way, no matter how inane the manner of changing. But none of the candidates can seem to tell the full truth on immigration.

K T Cat said...

Dean, there are illegal immigrants in the military. Some of them are in Iraq. Are you willing to deport their families?

Dean said...

If so, how many? I ask because constructing policy around a literal/relative handful of cases leads to bad policy.

This was a blatant attempt to inject an emotional and far-fetched wedge into a serious debate. I want to talk about a secure, sovereign border and disincentivizing the illegal immigration process and McCain wants to talk about Iraq. I'm lost.

And unless I missed something, is deportation of entire families even on the table? I don't think I've even heard Tom Tancredo talk about shipping out entire family units.

And in what official capacity would "you/I" exist where a judgement regarding the exportation of a specific family rests upon the service status of one of its family members? None that I know of since said exportation would be executed, I would hope, at the behest of policy or the law of the land rather than some individual hand-picking families as McCain's moral quandary suggests.

Well, since I've gone down this hyper-theoretical road this far (are everyone's eyes glazing over, yet?), allow me to go all the way.

Since the only person who has the cross-agency authority do ANYTHING about "McCain's Razor" is the Commander-in-Chief, here's what I would propose: I would sign an Executive Order whereby the service member who just so happens to have a family that is deported would have the option of staying in the service or be granted an honorable discharge while retaining all benefits accrued to that point to attend to/join his family.

Ya like apples?

Now, can I get back to blogging?

Anonymous said...

Illegal immigrants in the military?, I think not. By the very nature of the beast, it is not possible. kitty cat, wtf, are you kidding me? Give me one, even one, isolated example.

How did they get a SSN? You think the Navy didn't do a background check? kitty, you obviously are not aquainted with military proceedure.


K T Cat said...

Guys, I'd have to spend more time than I want digging up the information, but I'm pretty sure it's true.

Second, unrelated point. Show me the balance sheet (even a hypothetical one) from a California Central Valley farmer right now, then show me the same balance sheet after all the illegals have been shipped out.

Don't you think that the illegals are an economic response to the government's imbalancing of the economy through welfare and minimum wage laws?

The more I think about it, the more I agree with McCain. Fence first, but don't go crazy with the mass deportations.

K T Cat said...

OK, I did a quick Google search and instantly found this one. There's lots more.

K T Cat said...

Sorry, guys, one more posting. From that article:

There is no law prohibiting illegal immigrants from joining in the army but the armed forces representative says anyone without proper documents is rejected, according to a report in the New York Times.

Tejeda and at least six other U.S. servicemen killed in the war in Iraq had not yet become citizens. Six of these immigrants were granted citizenship posthumously but their relatives did not receive the benefits that would normally go to the families of the citizens.

“It is an honorary status in commemoration of the valor and the sacrifices of the deceased,” the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services explained in the memo.

More than 36,000 service members are non-citizens, making up about 5 percent of active duty service members. About a third come from Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries and the rest are from China, Vietnam, Canada, Korea, India and other countries.

In New York City alone, 40 percent of Navy recruits were immigrants, 36 percent in the Marines and 27 percent in the Army.

So, you're not supposed to be an illegal alien when you enter the military, but I doubt the recruiters checks that carefully.

I'm writing about illegal immigrants from a heated, ocean-view home in San Diego on a pretty nice desktop PC. These illegals who we thoroughly criticize and threaten with mass deportations are in Iraq right now, trying to get the sand out of various body cracks, dodging snipers and IEDs, fighting under our flag.

Like McCain said, do you want to write to them and tell them their parents were deported?

Dean said...

No apologies necessary and thanks for the research.

My response from above stands.

In light of the numbers you found, I have a few additional comments, though:

1. Re: Cheap Central Valley labor. There is a temporary worker visa program that is designed specifically to handle migrant workers. I'm told it works pretty well when we want it to work. In the bazillions of exchanges I have listened to regarding immigration, I can count on one hand the number of times this program has been mentioned in the context of "folks... the legal and administrative infrastructure to deal with immigration, particularly migrant workers, already exists".

2. Re: Non-citizens in the military. Jeezus... Can we do a better job controlling who gets in? One would think that "security" might be an important feature of the military. And I'll be blunt here; how comfortable would we all be if it turns out that an increasing portion of these recruits are of North African/Middle East descent?

Though, these non-citizens entered service of their own accord, this (non)policy still smacks of conscription and plays right into the other sides hand. "Fighting Wars Americans Won't" would be an entirely applicable and correct bumper sticker.

Emptying the bathtub is probably unfeasible as well as politically unviable but can we at least shut off the faucet?

Now what McCain said pisses me off even more. Instead of addressing an issue where we have non-citizens in the military who may potentially be hostile to our country, he wants to score cheap political points. Screw him!

K T Cat said...

Dean, as far as I know, we've always had military service as a pathway to citizenship. I think the issue has just been demagogued into incoherence on the Right.

If we've had non-citizens in the military for a long time, why get angry at McCain? It seems to me that your anger stems from your own long-term ignorance of the situation. I'm not trying to be insulting here, I'm just trying to get you to examine the source of your anger.

I think what McCain said was brave and honest, unlike certain Mitt Romneys I could name.

K T Cat said...

Instead of addressing an issue where we have non-citizens in the military who may potentially be hostile to our country, he wants to score cheap political points.

If you're a Republican, the best way to score cheap points is to agree with Rush and Sean. The worst way is to obviously disagree with them. Just what "easy political points" do you think McCain is trying to score? It seems to me he's taking a principled stand and taking a lot of heat for it.

Meanwhile, Panderbear is telling Michigan that he'll bring back the early 1970s.

Dean said...

KT, if the military is being used as a pathway to citizenship (Filipinos in the Navy being the most prominent example), I would certainly like to revisit that policy.

It seems to me that its an open-invite to extremists and jihadists. If I'm the bad guy, I'm thinking that's a pretty reasonable way to wreak havoc from within.

It may have worked in the past, but times have obviously changed.

Re: McCain. Look at his reaction afterwards and listen to the crowd. He was so throwing the red meat. And for a person who has authored two of the most despicable pieces of legislation (Amnesty Bill and Campaign Finance Reform) in recent memory... I'm now supposed to believe that he is being "principled" with regard to it?

Sorry, KT, that dude has a long, long way to go before I believe he's not talking out of both sides of his mouth, at least with respect to immigration.

Rush - good
Hannity - dorko erectus

And in case anybody's wondering, I called in sick today.

K T Cat said...

I'm not much of a Rush fan any more. I've just gotten tired with his conservative religious orthodoxy. If the Hildebeast becomes president, he'll be fun again.