Thursday, January 10, 2008

This time, Chargers are in over their heads?

B-Daddy here. I copied the title of this article from a column by an idiot sportswriter (but I repeat myself) in Indianapolis. But who knows, maybe he's right. He has a list of whiny excuses for the Colts last loss to the Bolts and opines how lightning don't strike twice. Well, basically. His thesis is that the Colts are oh so more talented and the last game was such an aberration that surely the Colts will win this time. I am dead certain that it is not a matter of talent, except maybe at quarterback, that will separate the Colts from the Chargers on Sunday, but rather the man pictured at left. He has yet to convince the BwD staff that he understands how to get the most out of this talented team. Some questions:
Will we sit back in a straight 3-4 and let Manning dink it down the field ten yards at a crack? Or will we bring some pressure and force some turnovers?
Will we see some deception to get LT in open space? For example, will we see Michael Turner and LT on the field together? Or will we depend solely on Philip Rivers to punish the defense for keying on LT. (My concern with Rivers is his sprained knee and inconsistency.)
Will we wait until half-time to do some pre-game planning? That strategy does have the advantage of giving the coaches more rest during the week, but I thought it was the players who needed the rest.

Don't get me wrong, there are many hallmarks of an upset going here.
1. The Colts fans seem overconfident, can't say for sure about the players.
2. The Colts lost the last game of the season. Lack of mo' going into the playoffs is never good.
3. This is reminiscent of 1995 against Pittsburgh, where the Steelers had lost to the Chargers in a meaningless game for them at the Murph. The Chargers went back to the Steel City and pulled off the 17-13 upset and ended up in the SuperBowl.

On the negative side, the bye week host has something like a 75% winning percentage in the playoffs.

OK we'll see how our questions get answered.


Dean said...

B-Daddy, Those poor Chargers...I don't know why they should even bother getting on the plane to fly to Indy. If the 'heads in the media are to be believed they should just advance the Colts to the next round and be done with it.

Road Dawg said...

Christopher is at that young age (17)where he is depressed that two of his favorite teams are playing one another. He wants the Bolts to strike lightning, but feels the Colts are the better team. He doesn't want to end up hating the Colts.

Reminds me of Green Bay/ LA Rams games of my youth.