Sunday, January 6, 2008

Change the oil, change your underwear, change your mind… Change the Channel!

B-Daddy had his thoughts on the Republican New Hampshire primary debates, here. We’ve been trying to catch up on the Democrat side via You Tube and Hot Air. You know, every time we start getting a little bummed-out about our options on the Republican side, we watch the Democrats… and feel even worse.

Click on image to hear Mr. Elizabeth Edwards kiss Obama’s rear end while making his case that he’s the real agent for change. No, he isn’t… yes, he is… No, he isn’t… yes, he is.. By our count, Johnny-boy uses the word “change” 7 times in that 68 second clip. And can we assume that Hillary is the Death Star of the "Forces of status-quo"?

Convinced? Ha! You think Edwards is the true agent for change? Please. Hillary absolutely kicks lil’ Johnny’s ass by using the term 10 times in this 67 second clip. 10 times! Poor Johnny didn’t know what hit him.


Road Dawg said...

Wow, almost makes me wish I had seen it. You could definately see the death ray comming from Hil during the Edwards clip. I felt a few tingles of dread just watching it.

K T Cat said...

Why does Hillary's head look photoshopped onto her body in that picture?

I was listening to Dennis Prager as I drove around a bit today and he played a soundbite from the Breck Girl from that debate. 12 times the word "change" was uttered.

What the heck does it all mean, anyway? What is this "change" they're all talking about?

By the way, Mittens is now saying he is the bringer of "change," too.

Dean said...

Dawg, I think Huck is going to have something to say about Hillary's performance.

KT, Honest to G%d, I was actually trying to pick just a normal ol' picture of Hillary... I didn't notice anything strange on the first go-around but you're right... there's something not quite right about that pic.

Dean said...

Re: "change". I can't really speak for Romney but for the Democrats (i.e. Edwards and Obama) "change" means nothing more than "not Hillary". Its obvious that Edward's performance at the debate over the weekend was to position himself as the agent of ch.. dammit now I'm doing it. He's positioning himself for a showdown with Obama by marginalizing Hillary. B-Daddy warned me of the NASCAR drafting strategy Edwards was employing but I did not heed it. The results are now being played out.