Thursday, December 11, 2008

That oughta learn'em.

A Day without a Gay, yet another gay community grass roots response to being on the losing end of Prop. 8 swept across… swept across… well, it swept through Hillcrest, San Diego’s gay enclave appearing to hurt only those businesses patronized by the gay community and which are, thusly, supportive of the gay community.

"Tawny Gonzales says it was slower than usual at her Hillcrest hair salon.
Gonzales says she wanted to support the "Day Without a Gay" boycott but she had to open the store she manages. "So I couldn't be out there supporting because
then I'm losing money, the salon's losing money cause I'm not opening," said

Ms. Gonzales illustrates perfectly the circular logic that calls into question the effectiveness of these types of boycotts and which also…. makes our head hurt.

Nice try, anyway, people.

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K T Cat said...

Maybe they could riot and burn down their own businesses ...