Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All the President's people

It's one of our faves, Bertha Lewis of ACORN, giving us all the unvarnished truth.

For a moment there, we weren't sure whether she was talking in the present or future tense.

And "internments"? Exercised at the behest of the great progressive of the 20th century, last we checked.

We sleep better at night knowing that millions upon millions of our tax dollars have been spent to fund the professional existence of Bertha Lewis and her cause.

Like getting slapped upside the head with a ribeye steak, we'd apologize for the blatant red meat nature of this post but for the fact that we think it's important to, from time to time, point out what is considered "mainstream" and totally-not-fringe in some very large socio-political circles.

P.S. "Socialist" has been nearly branded as hate speech when used by conservatives, especially while describing the president's policies. Given that, could Lewis then possibly be a self-hating black?

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