Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hopefully, his speaking fee was guaranteed

So, what do Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Milton Friedman have in common? They are all the objects of unqualified man crushes here at BwD headquarters.

With respect to Friedman, than for no other reason than possessing the stones to say that the physicians of America were part of a competition-restricting monopoly... at the Mayo Clinic!

Friedman explains how government control of licensing of physicians drives up the cost of healthcare and puts the doctors on the spot in this lecture on the eve of Reagan in 1978.

"Would you first mind telling me what other great reforms of government have achieved their objective?"

Friedman frames this against the larger backdrop of moving ever more closely to a fully collectivist society.

H/T: Carpe Diem

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