Friday, April 2, 2010

Quote of the day

Liberals hope to rid life of the “bad decisions” but of course only in the context of what they consider to be bad decisions. They look to lop off the tops and use it to fill the bottoms, thereby creating some sort of Utopian plain where there are no hills and valleys… where the risk and rewards of life are either eliminated or, at the very least, reduced as much as possible. Capt. Kirk always said he “needed his pain” but what we need is the freedom to make bad decisions… to buy stocks that go down, to not get an education… and, one hopes, thus learn the lessons and reform ourselves. Liberals seek to deny this for they are the arbiters of what we should choose for ourselves.

That from our blog buddy, Harrison at Just Politics? Of course, we know there are no such thing as liberals anymore but the point is well-taken.

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