Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Programming Alert

Here we go again...

City officials ordered a small home Bible study group in Southern California to either stop meeting or obtain a permit.

The home Bible group in Rancho Cucamonga must have a Conditional Use Permit by Good Friday, April 2, in order to continue gathering. The Bible study group was referred to as a “church” in a letter sent by the city. All churches are required to obtain a CUP in residential areas, it stated.

City officials explained on Tuesday that a neighbor had filed a complaint in February that some 40 to 60 people were gathering each week at the home.

And in strolls the Pacific Justice Institute and the city promptly reverses course and drops its enforcement action.

We covered similar 1st amendment harrassment incidents masquerading as code-compliance issues down here in San Diego and in particular the is-it-a-bar-or-is-it-a-church? case involving Guatay Christian Fellowship, here.

All this to say that Brad Dacus of the PJI who litigate on behalf of religious freedoms will be speaking at B-Daddy's church this coming Sunday.

And details on the Tax Day rally as well as the San Diego city council District 6 debates? B-Daddy is making like cruise director, Julie McCoy, with the schedule of events, here.


B-Daddy said...

Thanks for the link. And while it is churches that Brad is defending today, let there be no doubt, it's about the freedom.

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