Monday, April 5, 2010

One Shining Moment 2010

The Final Four, Easter Sunday, Baseball's opening day and the national championship game all in the span of 3 days. Not too shabby of an extended weekend.

In a game watered-down by early departures to the NBA, Monday's championship game, a Duke 61-59 victory over Butler, reminded the nation of what an incredible game college hoops can be. Hard fought, expertly played and with possession-by-possession intensity that lasted the entire 40 minutes, we can't recall a better Finals in recent memory.

One of the best NCAA men's basketball tournaments in memory is in the books.

Now for the bad news: CBS ran with a new version of "One Shining Moment" this year and which was sung by Jennifer Hudson. This is the first version (Teddy Pendergrass and Luther Vandross were two other notable singers) where the performer gets any actual air time. We hope this doesn't start a trend where the campy-est, most predictable yet most excellent song/video in American popular culture becomes an annual star vehicle for the flavor-of-the-month. Ms. Hudson didn't help matters, either, with her performance.

Bring back Luther!

(We've been having problems with the embed code from YouTube, lately. Until we get it fixed, link to video is, here. Our apologies)

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