Friday, April 2, 2010


For long-time readers of this blog, you all know we have had what we term; "a complex relationship with President Bush". His "compassionate conservatism" was simply government activism in pursuit of conservative ends (oxymoronic, we know) and ultimately, a fool's errand.

However, as an addendum to our statement regarding President Bush we state: "The one thing he absolutely had to get right, he got right."

There is much to criticize about President Obama on foreign policy, but increasingly, despite all the “reset button” rhetoric and the obligatory nods to the Left, his anti-terrorism policies are becoming near identical extensions (if in cynical fashion) of George Bush’s.

I can’t think of a present-day anti-terrorism methodology that Team Obama (a) did not at one time blast as anti-constitutional and (b) does not now accept in its near entirety. Apparently, Obama has figured (perhaps rightly) that intercepts, the Patriot Act, Predator air attacks, renditions, tribunals, wiretaps, etc., are necessary, and that their earlier damnation by Obama et al. was simply political demagoguery of the sort necessary to galvanize the left-wing base that, now, forgivingly, accepts these measures as needed.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are essentially extensions of the 2006–8 Bush-Petraeus counter-insurgency strategies so savagely ridiculed during congressional testimony by Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama. Once again, the Left, fortunately for the country, sees the current flip-flopping — remember Obama’s promise to be out of Iraq by March 2008, or the Biden folly of trisecting Iraq, or Hillary’s “suspension of disbelief”? — as necessary expediency. Indeed, soon, Iraq is promised to be Obama’s “greatest achievement.”

We're supposed to know it's just politics but in life and death matters of fighting terrorism and sending American men and women overseas into battle while coming from the wing of the Democratic Party that did everything within its power to undermine those efforts in combating terrorism, the grace and humility deficit possessed by the Obama administration is staggering.

As it is, in the world we live in, 3... possibly 7 years from now perhaps we will be saying: "He may have royally screwed up everything else, but the one thing Obama absolutely had to get right, he got right."

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K T Cat said...

I always thought that compassionate conservatism was an attempt to disarm the worst of the Democrats' weapons and win approval and votes. In the end it did neither and damaged a great deal.