Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our change observation of the day

Out: Dissent

In: Complaining about this country's two party system

Awwww.... Shepard Fairey, he of the iconic "Hope" Obama picture is less than pleased with Obama's performance thus far.

“Obama is to me a quality human being and someone that, given the limitations of the two-party system, that’s trying to do a good job,” Fairey told Niteside at a book signing at the Brooklyn Museum on Sunday.

“But I have to grade the whole thing on a curve because the two-party system to me is not yielding the results I want to see.”

“I’m very proud of the Obama poster … because it’s an image that showed that someone outside of mainstream politics, outside of corporate lobbyists could do something that affected what’s going on in politics,” Fairey said. “I think what really is the problem with the two-party system is that it’s very difficult for people without power to make a difference unless they try very hard. But the more people that do try, the easier it gets.”

Uh, sure thing, pal.

More and more: whining about the two-party system. Of course, whining about the two-party system is code-speak for displeasure as to having a statist agenda blocked in some aspects by a pesky opposition party.

After all and applying some transparency to their motives, it's pretty easy to determine that though they would want to see something other than a two-party system, having three or more isn't what they have in mind.

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SarahB said...

I have a love hate relationship with Fairey. He is one of the most talented illustrators/graphic artists of our generation. I wish I had 1/10th of his ability. And what does he use it for? To resurrect the stylistic propaganda of 20th century evil. Of course he hates the two party system...in his utopia he is the dictator's personal and only stylist (which would afford him a much coveted apartment in Moscow with a double ration of coal in the winter). (grumble, grumble)...takes me back to my college days...(bleep)ing artists!