Thursday, April 1, 2010

Letting the mask slip Pt. IV

Normally, you know when it is politicians are lying because their lips are moving but passage of ObamaCare has had a bizarre effect on D.C. pols in that they are speaking truthfully about ObamaCare now that they are in the clear. Again, In reconciliation, veritas.

We were kind of backed-up with this feature as you can tell by the vote tally on the screen but here's Max Baucus (D-MT) telling us what this health care bill is really all about.

Hint: It ain't healthcare.

We're just proud of Ol' Max for gettin' off a 5-syllable word like "maldistribution" in a semi-coherent fashion after belts of scotch in the Senate cloakroom. And again with those damn rich people... and their companies, creating wealth and thus creating jobs... or something.

But we remain confused about this notion of healthcare being both simultaneously "affordable" and a "right". Which is it? It can't be both. "Affordable" suggests that healthcare is a good or service that we voluntarily decide to purchase at some negotiated price. A "Right", however, is completely intangible - it is existential in that we enjoy that right, such as free speech, for merely breathing as American citizens.

You breathe, you vote. You breathe, you can own a gun. You breathe, you can run smack.

This is why the debate with statists regarding healthcare usually devolves into a dead end. There is absolutely no use in arguing the merits of health care reform with someone who believes it is their fundamental right to "affordable" (whatever the hell that means) healthcare.

When a society starts breaking loose its moral underpinnings which is based upon personal responsibility and owning up to the consequences of piss-poor lifestyle choices this invariably happens: that society just starts making up rights out of thin air.

The bottom line then for ObamaCare as part of the larger collectivist shift in society becomes: I'm done. You all deal with it.

Compassionate, no?


SarahB said...

Yes, the new era of made-up Rights...nothing quite as refreshing as folks demanding things they know nothing about. And can't pay for. As one of my husband's favorite arrestee's once said, "You can't touch me, I got Right's 'n shit!"

K T Cat said...

A link is on the way in my final post of the day today. I agree with your point, but probably not quite with the same perspective.

K T Cat said...

By the way, I liked your penultimate word.


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