Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Assisting those in need...

... because that's how we roll.

It's come to our attention that some lefty Einsteins want to infiltrate the tea party movement and act in a manner that will discredit the movement particularly at rallies like the tax day rally that will be going down tomorrow at the Midway post office here in San Diego.

We say, "come to our attention" because these Einsteins have a website stating their infiltration objectives and goals. If the idea of having a website that openly advertises subterfuge seems oxymoronic, you will know why we have bestowed such a lofty intellectual sobriquet upon these people.

Aside from this towering intellect, though, it's telling that they have resorted to these tactics as evidence of getting their asses kicked in the marketplace of ideas. They have none and they know it, so they fall back on the trusty race card and general smear tactics.

It's sad because these people are so indeed bereft of any ideas, they cannot muster the inspiration to even organize an honest-to-goodness counter-protest.

And that's where we step in, doing the Lord's work of promoting a healthy (and civil!) democracy where ideas are brought to the table and where we let the people decide.

With that in mind and with the infiltrators emphasis on misspelled signs, we have some slogans that we offer up, free of charge, that are in keeping with the political ideology of the infiltrators in order to get their counter-protest off and running.

I (heart) the Baleouts

Keep heeping those laws on my Body

Freedom and Liberty: Highly Overrated

Because I'm just to dam stupid to be left to my own devices

I'm so dun with the Constitution

Too much disposable income!

Yes, I believe I will help myself to mor of your money

Healthcare for all! Everybody In, Nobody Out....

Actually, we did see that on a t-shirt at a pro-Obamacare rally. Liberalism has twisted itself into such a knot that the irony contained in that statement has choked the life out of the good-government liberal, an all-but extinct breed.

You can probably think of some more that are far more clever in an effort to help our statist friends while at the same time assisting them in competing in the marketplace of ideas.


SarahB said...

"I'm so dun with the Constitution"...I think even the President would wear that on a shirt

Doo Doo Econ said...

Dissent WAS patriotic






Road Dawg said...

From the American Spectator:

Thousands of North Carolinians will rally in the state capital of Raleigh tomorrow against government intrusion and excess, but they can't carry flags on poles. The reason? The nanny state that is Tar Heel government has decreed that poles could be used as weapons.

I'd carry one as a protest to the law.