Saturday, April 10, 2010

Letting the mask slip Pt. VI

How can we learn to say no?

The federal government is now starting to build the institutions that will try to reduce the soaring growth of health care costs. There will be a group to compare the effectiveness of different treatments, a so-called Medicare innovation center and a Medicare oversight board that can set payment rates.

But all these groups will face the same basic problem. Deep down, Americans tend to believe that more care is better care. We recoil from efforts to restrict care.

The New York Times is beseeching each and every one of us to resist the natural human impulse of self-preservation for the good of ObamaCare. It's like your patriotic duty or something.

And we can't help but notice that the Times is suffering from the same truth-telling virus that are members of Congress now that the bill is the law of the land.

We have written extensively about the inherent rationed-care instincts of ObamaCare here and specifically about the alleged death panels, here and here.

As the truth-telling virus continues its scourge across the land over the next several months, you will again be hearing extensively about rationing and death panels but this time from the main stream press.

Exit question: Re: Medicare innovation center. What will be the most oxymoronic and/or Orwellian term to emerge from the pages of the main stream press? Let's start keeping track.

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SarahB said...

Most insane euphemism I've ever heard...kind of impressed actually.