Thursday, May 13, 2010

Calling B.S.

So, what's bugging us today?

An Associated Press-Univision Poll has found that big majorities of Latinos consider illegal immigrants a boon to the United States and condemn Arizona's new law targeting undocumented people. That is a sharp contrast to how non-Latinos view the smoldering issue of immigration.

The poll, taken earlier this month, found that 74% of Latinos said the illegal immigrants in the U.S. mostly contribute to society. Just 35% of non-Latinos agreed.

Some 67% of Latinos said they oppose the Arizona law, compared with 20% of non-Latinos. The law allows local police to demand citizenship papers from suspected illegal immigrants and to detain them if they cannot produce the documents.

If this AP-Uni poll truly wanted an honest assessment of the Arizona law with respect to ethnicity, they would've broken down the polling along the lines of latinos that are here legally from those that are not (as well as for the non-latinos just so everyone knows we are playing this straight up). It's a legit critique and we believe it would more fairly represent the feelings of U.S. citizens of latino descent.

And Univision is a large Spanish-language media conglomerate here in the states so they might just have an agenda, especially considering we are left to assume that the wording of the question mirrors that of the last sentence of the pull quote which is not reflective of the letter or intent of the law (text of which can be found here).

This poll is bogus.

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SarahB said...

I don't believe the poll at all. Not one bit...but nice try on their part!