Saturday, May 15, 2010

Taxpayer-sponsored bigotry and racism? (UPDATED)

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Perhaps these are the people more to Frank Rich's liking.

As we have noted previously, Arizona's anti-illegal immigration law has been enlightening with respect to exposing the true identities and motives of many that are against the law. And in this clip we should've issued a high irony content warning as the evils of the white capitalists and imperialists will soon make way for the implied supremacy of La Raza.

P.S. Live Oak High School, site of last week's U.S. flag-wearing abomination sponsors what we can only refer to as a brown supremacist group, MECHA. Read about it here.

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(UPDATE #1): Our good friend "Michael" sent this letter to the teacher, Mr. Gochez:

I am a white man who was born, live, work and raised a family here in CA my whole life. I am a Californian and am proud of that. I am also a US citizen and proud of that. I am concerned that someone in a position of educational leadership like yourself would misrepresent the lawful "occupation" of California by americans "like me". Your message is... See More extreme and divisive and while it may stir passion and develop pride in your race, it isolates others from understanding a positive solution that meets both sides of the table. I propose the real revolution needs to occur in Mexico itself. I feel that you and I could agree that political, humanitarian and social change is overdue in a country with such a rich history. Is there discussion currently that addresses that?

Pitch perfect.

Hey, we're down for the struggle. Perhaps these latino-centric folks might join us in pushing for the same immigration laws Mexico has.

Again, the ironies that abound on the amnesty/reconquista side of the illegal immigration debate are overwhelming.

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