Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Let's bomb Arizona! (UPDATED)

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It's come to this: We fell compelled to support a law that our heart's not behind because the citizens of Arizona rightly feel the federal government has abandoned their constitutionally-mandated responsibilities to enforce the sovereignty of this nation by enforcing the borders.

B-Daddy has a great take on the role both political parties have played in bringing us to this point. He's right. Both Republicans and Democrats have exploited the illegal immigration issue for their own short-term political ends. Now we are stuck in this bind where we are having local law enforcement do the job the feds should've been doing all along. The irony that Arizona's last governor, Janet Napolitano, under whose watch this problem really started to blow-up, is now the head of Homeland Security is not lost on us.

By the way, you can oppose this law and still oppose this sophomoric and counter-productive boycott of Arizona goods and services.

How is boycotting the businesses of Arizona because you don't like a law the state legislature passed, helping the situation any?

We love how cheerleaders for a piece of legislation that provides the framework for an ever-increasing amount of government involvement into personal health care decisions have taken sudden umbrage to a state government's efforts to merely uphold the law.

To that end, Temple of Mut has the details on an Arizona BUY-cott with a list of Arizona-based businesses and retailers. Also, we made the suggestion of an Arizona money bomb or a one day online shopping spree of Arizona goods and services. ToM was kind enough to take that on and proving the incredibly viral nature of the Internet, May 5th, Cinco de Mayo has been declared Arizona Money Bomb Day.

Get online and show some support for the citizens of Arizona and in opposition to the intelligentsia, labor unions, wack-jobs on the left, open border types, racial preference opportunists and the entrenched political class of this country who act only in their best interests and not that of the country as a whole.

(UPDATE #1):

Another bit of irony that dawned on us while thinking about this subject: The socio-political set most vehemently opposed to the Arizona immigration bill because of the specter of racial profiling view the entirety of their political life through the prism of racial and gender set-asides, quotas and preferences. Of course, they fear racial profiling, their politics consists of nothing but racial profiling.

Tomorrow's the big day for tomorrow we bomb Arizona! Please see link above at Temple of Mut's for a list of businesses to patronize online during our Cinco De Mayo Arizona money bomb BUY-cott.

Dinner plans? We'll be at P.F. Changs in Mission Valley tomorrow evening, 6ish. Hope they serve margaritas.


SarahB said...

Thank you for spreading the word! We are working on more for this (sick kids are making it slow). And the Ramona organizer is going to try to put together a big group road trip to AZ. Stay tuned!

B-Daddy said...

Thanks for the link. I am totally with you on this. I am troubled by the notion of the state performing a role abdicated by the federal government. But let's face it, lawlessness (on the part of the feds) only begets more lawlessness. AZ is trying to restore a little order.

paull12 said...

I am not sure what you mean by "...supporting a law that our heart's are not behind.." because all Arizona did was take the Federal immigration law and bring it down to State level so they could enforce it as the Fed is supposed to do? What part of that doesn't your heart get???

Dean said...

That local law enforcement officials are enforcing federal law.