Monday, May 24, 2010

SB 1070: A bounty of goodness!

Much like ObamaCare has resulted in unintended consequences before the law has even been implemented, so to has Arizona's SB 1070 resulted in unintended consequences before it has been implemented, though with much more favorable outcomes than the slow-motion disaster that is ObamaCare.

The law has already been a boon to family values, better neighborhoods, public safety, and, yes, a boon even to the environment. The L.A. Times reports:

The day Arizona's governor signed the strictest immigration law in the country — tasking police with checking the immigration status of those they stop and suspect to be in the country illegally — Maria thought it might be the last straw for her family.

For six years Maria, a U.S. citizen, and her husband, Salvador, who is in the country illegally, have tried to make sure he isn't caught up in a raid or sweep or traffic enforcement operation. To avoid his deportation, the couple takes precautions that, when synthesized, go something like this:

Avoid driving at night. Avoid unnecessary trips — grocery shopping once a week is best.

Stay home. Stay and care for the garden. Enjoy the blueberry bushes and the apricot trees, and mow the lawn. Keep it nice. Try to deflect, as much as possible, their 4-year-old daughter's questions about going to Disneyland.

As you can see, Maria's fears are completely unfounded as the alterations to her family's lifestyle has been an overwhelming net positive.

We've all been told that this recession has actually forced many families to forego lavish expenditures and get back to the basics of spending quality time at home with the family and that is what we're seeing because of SB 1070, as well.

Because of SB 1070, families with illegal immigrants are not only strengthening those family bonds at home but are also doing their part for the environment by reducing their carbon footprint: fewer trips to the store, keeping up with the yardwork and planting self-styled Jardins de Victoria are just a few ways SB 1070 is making life better for illegal immigrants, their families and shoot, for all of us for a better America!

Surely, once the benefits of SB 1070 become more widely known, we can get some of our lefty friends onboard as we know them to be big fans of social engineering and we don't think anyone can deny from reading the paragraphs above how much better citizens, woops... immigrants they all can become because of wisdom and correctness inherent to SB 1070.

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SB 1070 for family values!