Sunday, May 16, 2010

Not so random thought of the day

This post should be taken as a companion piece to B-Daddy's post on Attractive Nuisance. Read his first or second - they are hopelessly intertwined so it matters not.

Years back and not remembering some of the details, there was a case involving an individual who owned beach property up Mailbu way. His property extended out to the surf and which also encompassed a rock outcropping that became very dangerous at high tide and/or rough weather. A suit was brought against this man by another person who had injured himself on the rocks. The property owner thought he was in the clear as he had festooned the rocks with all manner of signage from Danger: Rocks and Caution:High Tide to Warning: Slow Children. Dude thought he was covered.

Not so, the judge.

A ha!, the judge exclaimed. Since you had the appropriate signage, you knew of the obvious hazards that existed on your property and you still did not take the appropriate measures to protect the public from those hazards that existed on your property.

And it is against this backdrop that we witness again the insanity that swirls around the illegal immigration debate. The All-American canal in the Imperial County east of San Diego and which for 23 miles flows alongside the border with Mexico was the subject of an editorial from the normally cogent San Diego Union Tribune. It is linked, of course, but just to let you know we're not gaming the system or being anything but above board we'll let you have the money paragraph from the horse's mouth:

It is along that stretch in particular that Escondido activists John and Laura Hunter and others have demanded that public agencies install safety devices to assist people who struggle with the frigid waters, swirling currents and surprising depths. While a number of measures have been discussed, the one studied most closely is the installation of rope lines attached to buoys.

It should be noted that the referenced "people" are not campers, off-roaders or bird-watchers. At least, we don't think so.

It's bad enough that we have created an economy on this side of the border that is so disparate from that of Mexico's that people will break the law in order to participate, we have now painted ourselves into a moral corner of insisting the very government that is charged with enforcing the border to aid and abet this lawlessness in the name of humanity.

It's gone beyond that beach house owner in Malibu who warned against crossing his property in dangerous conditions and even that of making sufficient effort to prevent people from doing so - it has now come to the point where we are urged by the humane among us to hand out floaties and life jackets at the All-American canal in order to better facilitate safe passage for illegal immigrants poised to violate our sovereignty.

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Mutnodjmet said...

It was great meeting you at the Beer Summit. Please "friend" me on Facebook; you can probably ask Sarah to a connection to my Wall. I had a wonderful time, and have forwarded your suggestion for the Citizen Convoy to Yuma! Hugs!

SarahB said...

We have definitely entered the land of Kafka with this stuff...circular logic until we all go insane.

K T Cat said...

First of all, your post is racist. But then, we knew that. Second, why not just have the army engineers build a pontoon bridge across the thing? That's what they always do in support of an invasion.