Thursday, May 6, 2010

Link of the day

File this one under: Our bad.

Our bad for not linking to this in far too long.

Our buddy, Mongo, started up a Facebook group, Camp Phoenix, Afghanistan, Operation Outreach known colloquially in these parts as the Playdoh Offensive.

Our troops over there in the Kabul area send out convoys on a regular basis not to hunt down the bad guys but to the villages in the area for humanitarian purposes. The Playdoh Offensive has chosen to focus on the children. The link has all the details on the left-hand margin but it's as simple as going over to Target, Long's Drugs or Wal-Mart and filling up a cardboard box with pencils, crayons, drawing paper, soccer balls, basketballs, used clothing (good repair), shoes (huge need!), baby clothing (huge need!) and, of course, Playdoh and having the post office ship it over for about $12.

Basically the stuff you would love to have if you were a kid growing up in an impoverished, war-torn, 3rd world nation where the simple act of showing up at school can be death defying.

On a related note:

The husband of a co-worker of ours will be deploying to Afghanistan in a short while. We are kicking around the idea of our Project Office heading-up an "Adopt-a-Platoon" type program and hosting it on FaceBook with regular updates here at BwD.

Bumper stickers are swell but there's more to "support the troops".

We'll keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

Checked out the the links and am still not sure of the mailing address. Or is it too simple? Dad