Friday, May 21, 2010

Radio KBwD is on the air

It's been a long work week and we are truly looking forward to the weekend so to get things jump-started howz-a-bout an oldie but a goodie.

Ladies and Gentlemen, from Cleveland, Ohio, it's the James Gang performing "Funk #49".


SarahB said...

Glad to be done with a long day of chipping tile. Happy Friday!

Road Dawg said...

Mrs. Dawg, The ABoV and I saw Joe perform this at Soboba casino just outside of Hemet, CA.

Before he started playing, he remarked on how hot is was,"Feels like I'm playing on the dark side of the sun, man, my career must be in the crapper"

Then he played an incredible performance with his back-up band whos average age appeared to be about 21.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME tune. Thanks for pulling this out of the bin.

Anonymous said...

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