Sunday, May 30, 2010

The radicalization continues

On a day he was thrust back on center stage nationally, former President Bill Clinton also stumped for Senator Blanche Lincoln’s re-election, casting the Democratic incumbent as the choice of a calmer electorate at a rally on Friday.

According to The Associated Press, Mr. Clinton also took on the unions that are going all in for Bill Halter, Ms. Lincoln’s opponent in a June 8 runoff, indicating organized labor was trying to use voters to scare

“If you want somebody to channel your anger, don’t vote for her,” said Mr. Clinton, back in the state where he was governor for a dozen years. “If you want somebody to get up and go to work and change your life for the better, you should vote for her.”

The winner of the Democratic nomination will face Representative John Boozman, a Republican, in November.

Meanwhile, Mr. Halter’s supporters in organized labor have signaled they will continue to pour resources into Arkansas. In a recent release, the A.F.L.-C.I.O. targeted both Mr. Clinton and Ms. Lincoln for their support of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Meanwhile, we'll be standing by to see when Big Media picks up on and starts their hand-wringing with respect to the purging of the moderate elements of the Democratic Party and their calling-out of shameless thug tactics of union groups such as SEIU.


B-Daddy said...

While we're waiting for Big Media, I won't be doing this.

W.C. Varones said...

I've been bombarded by e-mails from supporting Halter. I think he will win.

And "change your life for the better?" How about get the hell out of my life?

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