Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Charm.... Offensive?

The woman pictured at left was crowned Miss USA on Sunday night. Rima Fakih, happens to be Muslim and of Lebanese descent. She is believed to be the first immigrant and Muslim to win this award.

She apparently butchered a few of the questions during the Please convince us you are not a complete nit-wit portion of the pageant and tripped in her evening gown so does this represent a sop to political correctness or a blow for cultural assimilation?

We're leaning towards the latter because is a little license in order to win the hearts and minds of young moderate Muslim males (and females?) a bad thing?

It sure as hell wasn't FDR, Chester Nimitz or Omar Bradley our troops, sailors and Marines had posted in their quarters.

Rita! They were fighting for you!

P.S. For whatever it's worth, Fakih is from Dearborn, Michigan which represents one of the largest concentrations of Arabs in the country. From what we understand, these folks are pretty assimilated as it is. Because nothing says assimilation like partying for a weekend with a Dearborn strip club owner named "Billy" Said as we did many years ago here in San Diego. And that's all we're going to say about that.


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SarahB said...

I know a lot of folks are upset that this is a win for Hezbolla (since Rima is so connected). But it is self defeating to let little Muslim girls see one of their own getting to dress up and be glamorous...or let the men see how stunning the women can be when let of the burka.

Of course, you do have to love the stripper photos. Why can't these girls just stop at being beautiful and have to stumble into bimbo? Miss USA indeed.