Thursday, June 16, 2011

Follower blog post of the day

Lookin' out and around for our friends in the blogosphere... how about some local flavor, San Diego style?

B-Daddy comes out for city councilman, Carl DeMaio, for mayor of San Diego.

I am leaning to supporting Carl DeMaio for mayor of San Diego. My biggest reason was his outspoken opposition to Proposition D, which made a big difference in its defeat last fall. Meanwhile Bonnie Dumanis ducked the issue and Nathan Fletcher was on record as opposing, but did little to work against its passage.

Thus far, DeMaio appears to be the only candidate that is willing to confront the issue of pension reform for public employees which is dogging the finances of many states and municipalities.

As B-Daddy notes, DeMaio is making all the right enemies and in particular, Big Labor.

Check out the rest, here.

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SarahB said...

DeMaio is the guy to beat, hands down. And I love that the left is stuck talking about issues with him because he's not a social conservative. "Firebrand" is the only label they keep coming up with (hehehe).