Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Your mid-week martini-worthy photo image

Via Dueling Bar Stools and Temple of Mut...

No Mad Men this season so this fledgling and as-yet-fully-vetted feature may have to do for a while.

We share(d) a nick-name with the gent pictured above, particularly while growing up as a young lad. Stands to reason, perhaps, why mama-bear no liked.

And speaking of Mad Men, this song by this group was featured at the fade-out of one of the episodes of the show last season that revolved around the ad firm's account with Lucky Strike Cigarettes.

Ladies and Gentlemen, from England, it's the Nashville Teens performing "Tobacco Road".


SarahB said...

Somehow very fitting on this glorious night with the orange full moon.

Dean said...

Sarah, I saw that moon driving home tonight. Freak-y.

Road Dawg said...

Deano.... Never knew that about Mom.