Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Your mid-week martini-worthy photo image


These days is there anyone who even comes close?

From Irma Cocktail Lounge Vol. 2 it's DJ Rodriquez and "Personality".


Harrison said...

She was hot - and a single mom. Rachel McAdams is pretty hot, too:

Road Dawg said...

Also, Raquel Welch is a local girl done well.

HEMET - Raquel Welch told audiences at "Ramona" that the outdoor play has grown more spectacular than she remembered it from 50 years ago.

Welch attended the last performance of the season to commemorate playing the title role in 1959.

"Oh my goodness, that was several lifetimes ago ... I guess you can add," she told the audience of more than 3,000 in introducing the performance. "I was 18 when I did 'Ramona.' Fifty years later, you figure it out!"

Welch revealed that she was newly married -- and newly pregnant -- at the time and experiencing morning sickness.

How cool a chick is this and still so beautiful.