Monday, June 27, 2011

The Government's war on cameras

Just recently two reporters, Jim Epstein and Pete Tucker, were arrested, detained and charged with "unlawful entry" and "disorderly conduct" while at a Washington D.C. taxi cab commission meeting.

What kind of government do we have that watches us with cameras everywhere we go but recoils in horror and uses force when we try to watch the government with cameras?

Fortunately, this is a bit of a losing battle for big brother owing to slicker technology that allows for greater concealment of recording devices. However, what does that say about the state of our 1st amendment rights when those rights become dependent upon a mini/micro/nano technology arms race with the other side?


Harrison said...

I read about this. He's lucky... he had access to a lawyer. Most people don't and thus will be intimidated. What's so dangerous about recording a taxi cab commission anyway?

Road Dawg said...

This stuff is getting really scary. It makes me not want to dismiss the "black helecopter crowd" so easily.