Thursday, June 30, 2011

Not so random thought of the day

First, some set-up:

When Sarah Palin showed up in Pella, IA to attend a screening of her own documentary, “The Undefeated,” she hadn’t seen all the footage beforehand. So when the film opened with people calling her “slutty,“ ”scary,“ and a ”bit**,” she was a little taken aback.

“This is the first that I’ve seen much of that. It kind of takes you back,” she told The Hollywood Reporter (THR). “It makes you want to reach out to some of these folks and say, What’s your problem? And what was the problem? And what is the problem?”

THR describes the graphic opening:

The movie begins with Sen. John McCain introducing his running mate, then quickly cuts to the Hollywood sign, and the music turns ominous. A TV news anchor says, “Hollywood has a new favorite pastime: taking aim at Sarah Palin.”

Then the celebrity montage begins: Damon likens Palin to a “really bad Disney movie” and says she’s “really scary” and Letterman calls her ”slutty,” and the discourse descends in to the filthy from there. Maher calls her a “dumb twat” on his TV show, Madonna screams “Sarah [Fu**ing] Palin” while on stage, and comedians use graphic, severely bleeped language to describe how Palin gave birth to a “retard.” One entertainer after another calls Palin a “slut” or a “[bit**]” or describes the intensity with which they “hate her.”

Is it just us or is there more than a tad of misogyny thrown into the mix with the criticisms of conservative women like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann - a degree of visceral and crude debasement in the attacks that is absent in the same for pols like Paul Ryan, Chris Christie and John Huntsman? Oh, wait... scratch that last, everybody loves John Huntsman.

Or maybe we're just overreacting, wanting to protect the fairer and weaker sex. After all, as white Republican males, we know chivalry when we see it. We're the experts.

And equally important, as white Republican males, we know misogyny when we see it. Again, we're the experts.


Road Dawg said...

The question needs to be turned on the journalist, "Really, you are questioning me on a gaff, when there are serious issues of which to contend" Give them a bowl of shut the hell up when they start playing gotcha, and let them have it for their inept/ bias part in the process.

I am being deposed tomorrow and my attorney has no problems with me speaking my mind. In the case, my sh1t is righteous, I will have no problem giving the claimant a big giant bowl of "don't screw with me"

Jeesh, I watch this uncompfortableness of the candidates by the msm interviews and I see a guy like Chris Christie that would just speak his mind without the political gamesmanship. Honesty plays well with a jury and the American people.

Even with folks that dont consider themselves politically correct seem to be tender-footing around the media, when in fact, they should blast them with the hypocrasy every time they get off-track.

On a rant, 'Dawg

B-Daddy said...

Women like Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin are living proof that the myth of leftist feminist victimhood is a bald faced lie. These women are successful and conservative presenting huge cognitive dissonance for the left. Therefore, they must be dehumanized so that the leftist mind doesn't have to deal with them.

K T Cat said...

Sylvia Longmire, please call your office.