Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wait, what?

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The miserable hack that runs the Justice Department was speaking before an enthusiastic lot of like-minded people and was opining on the subject of countering terrorism.

Holder’s declaration came in a Thursday speech to hundreds of progressive lawyers, advocates, judges and students gathered at the American Constitution Society’s annual gala. “I know that – in distant countries, and within our own borders – there are people intent on, and actively plotting to, kill Americans,” he told his legal peers in the enthusiastic audience. “Victory and security will not come easily, and they won’t come at all if we adhere to a rigid ideology, adopt a narrow methodology, or abandon our most effective terror-fighting weapon – our Article III [civil] court system,” he declared to much applause.
(italics, ours)

Wait, what?...... Our court system?

This ought to clear up any lingering doubts you may have that these people operate on a different reality plane than the rest of us and should remove any doubt regarding Holder's fitness to serve in the capacity of Attorney General but we've known that for quite some time, now, haven't we?

Funny thing is, though, what Holder says is rather at odds with the behavior of his boss (setting aside whatever verbal drivel that's similar to Holder's) who acts as if drone and air strikes are the best way to deal with terrorists.

Glad the roles aren't reversed.

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Harrison said...

Seems like under Obama everyone has lost their job but Holder. Why?