Friday, June 17, 2011

Radio KBwD is on the air

We know what you're saying out there: "These old-timers hardly ever play anything from this century let alone anything from anybody under the age of 30." Hey, can we help the mostly deplorable state of modern rock'n'roll? Even our hip 20-something nephews agree with us.

Alas, help is on the way as we are about as fired up for this edition of KBwD as any we have ever done as we are friends of the band we will be featuring and, in fact, at this very moment have co-opted them as the Beers with Demo house band.

The Cypress Project consists of brothers Matt and Andrew Steele, both on guitar and vocals, Soroya Rowley also on guitar and vocals plus the rhythm section of Michael Ortiz and Ian Miller on bass and drums, respectively.

The song we are featuring was co-written by Matt and Soroya over 2 years ago and if you are wondering why it is we haven't featured them before it's because they just cut their first demo this past Saturday, so back off, will ya?

Matt tells me they've an extensive back catalog of original songs from which to draw when they pull some gigs around town to support the demo.

OK, we've rambled on enough but we wanted to share because we're excited for these guys, so without furter ado...

... ladies and gentlemen, from North Park, San Diego, it's The Cypress Project performing their delightfully trashy power-pop gem, "Guitar Girl".

01 Guitar Girl by cypressproject

Check out their FB page here and the four songs off their demo here.


Harrison said...

Like the guitar action.

Dean said...

It is a tasty little riff.