Friday, June 10, 2011

Wait, what?

One in a series that takes a look at the absurd, inexplicable and certainly unexpected.

President Barack Obama, who during the 2008 campaign famously referred to small town Americans as bitter people clinging to guns and religion, today issued an executive order establishing a White House Rural Council.

The council will be chaired by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, a former Democratic governor of Iowa. Iowa—and other northern Midwest states—have been key swing states in recent presidential elections.

“Strong rural communities are key to a stronger America,” Obama said in releasing the order. “That’s why I’ve established the White House Rural Council to make sure we’re working across government to strengthen rural communities and promote economic growth.”

Because ruralness is good or something and we want to ensure that the rurality of America remains so but on yet an even stronger basis so that rural types will know that they are not forgotten by this administration but rather celebrated citizens of the new ruraltopia. 'Ich bin ein Ruraler!

What is it with these guys? This uncontrollable, spasmodic urge to stand up committees and/or appoint czars to address any and all ills real or perceived. Oh, and yes... the pander-meter has pegged-out.

The White House Rural Council? Really?

Forget spell-check, these guys need clue-check. An independent or even opposition party advisor position that, in this instance, would step in for the good of the country and say, "Uhh... yeah, boss... that's got to be about the lamest thing I've ever heard of in my life. Can we not do that."

Politics ought to be declared a regulated substance by the FDA.


Harrison said...

Trying to capture the votes he lost because he said what he believed.

K T Cat said...

I detect latent hostility towards rurality. You need to undergo rural sensitivity training.

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