Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Free Captain Elliott's Party Boats (cont.)

A pretty decent sign that no one has a clue as to how the ObamaCare waiver process works, who qualifies and why is that despite the fact that 1,372 waivers have been granted to businesses and unions as of mid-May, the waiver list
at the Department of Health and Human Services web site hasn't been updated since January of this year and thus lists only 729 business and union winners waivers.

Transparency is for chumps dontcha know?.

But do you know you might have an inkling as to how the whole waiver process might work? Read on:

Nobody professed to understand the question of the frozen railroad bonds, perhaps, because everybody understood it too well. At first, there had been signs of a panic among the bondholders and of a dangerous indignation among the public. Then, Wesley Mouch had issued another directive, which ruled that people could get their bonds “defrozen” upon a plea of “essential need”: the government would purchase the bonds, if it found proof of the need satisfactory. there were three questions that no one answered or asked: “What constituted proof?” “What constituted need?” “Essential-to whom?” …One was not supposed to speak about the men who, having been refused, sold their bonds for one-third of the value to other men who possessed needs which, miraculously, made thirty-three frozen cents melt into a whole dollar, or about a new profession practiced by bright young boys just out of college, who called themselves “defreezers” and offered their services “to help you draft your application in the proper modern terms.” The boys had friends in Washington.

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From each according to his ability..

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