Saturday, November 19, 2011

College football Saturday round-up and open thread



Well, here's the deal folks. Jonesy submitted his blog post below, which zeroes in on potential BCS championship game matchups, on his Friday afternoon deadline and thus before Iowa State's stunning 37-31, 2 OT win over #2 Oklahoma St. so read on accordingly.

Greetings & Salutations,

So it comes down to this. In order to avoid the dreaded title game rematch we have to root like hell for the Oklahoma State T. Boone Pickens (I mean Cowboys) aganist the Oklahoma Sooners. This will be the biggest Bedlam game in the history of the school. If Oklahoma State wins out, they play in the BCS Title game. If not, all hell breaks loose.

Who would get the chance to play LSU? Alabama (which might be the nation's 2nd best team) has already lost to them at home. Oregon had their chance at LSU during the first week of the season and played their sloppiest game. And God forbid that Oklahoma wins out and gets to play LSU despite the worst lost of the contenders; Texas Tech at home.

So, we are left with the Cowboys. And I’m fine with that. Their offense is amazing, their defense is under-rated and the desperate passion of their fans is very compelling. This is their year to, not only have the chance to be the best team in the country, but, more importantly, prove they are the best team in their own state. Go Pickens!

Games Worth Watching

Nebraska @ Michigan: Neither of these teams are powerhouses this year. They both may very well be mediocre 8-2 teams. Still with the history of the two programs and it being Nebraska’s first year in the Big 10+2, it is a compelling game. Ten years ago, who would have thought that Michigan would have the better running QB?

Colorado @ UCLA: One lousy team and then there is Colorado. Still, with a home win, UCLA becomes bowl eligible and maintains its chance of playing in the inaugural PAC 12 Title game. I think slick Rick might hold onto his position for one more year with this win.

PSU & Ohio State: With a win, PSU keeps its Rose Bowl hopes alive. Can you imagine the nation’s discomfort of seeing my beloved Blue & White in the Granddaddy of them all? Both teams play solid defense and pathetic offense. I see the Nits coming up with a win here and playing Wisconsin for all the marbles next week.

Cincinnati @ Rutgers: For the Big Least Championship! Go New Jersey!

USC @ Oregon: USC’s last chance to win our hearts and minds by beating the Oregon Nikes. Not that there is anything wrong with the Ducks, I just don’t want to see a rematch in the title game. Not fair to LSU [i] .

Non Football Football Thought

With the PSU scandal in full bloom and news coming out every minute, I decided to take a much needed wait and see approach to the whole affair. Every day, more and more plot twists occur and frankly, my initial thoughts of tearing down the entire program, throwing JoePa in jail and stringing up Mike McQueary may have been a little overboard. I hope the next few months bring some of the many sordid details out in the open. Still, my thoughts and prayers and always with the victims of these horrible crimes.


[i] Assuming LSU gets past Arkansas and whatever scrub team they play in the SEC Championship.

Friday afternoon: We really don't care to see a rematch of what was a pretty boring LSU-Alabama game. Despite losing at home because they can't kick field goals, it looks like it will indeed be a rematch should Oklahoma St. stumble either against Oklahoma.

Friday late: Oklahoma, which needed to beat an undefeated Oklahoma St. team if they had any hope of vaulting over everybody to #2 and thus a spot in the BCS championship game got shafted by their in-state rivals this evening. Funny how those rivalry works, huh? . Yep, looks like LSU v. 'Bama in the title game.


Dean said...

Did anyone else hear Lee Corso drop the F-bomb on the set of Game Day when he was picking the Houston-SMU game?

Game Day was getting a little stale anyway?

Dean said...

Snark Alert: I feel a bit resentful that I should actually give a shit about The Game: Harvard v. Yale, knowing the alumni of these institutions have busied themselves burying this country in fiscal, moral and liberty debt.