Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Your #OWS update


The charade continues:

The office space city officials have offered Occupy L.A. protesters to woo them off the City Hall lawn is only a few hundred feet away from the encampment in an underground shopping center known as the Los Angeles Mall.

The 10,000-square-foot office space used to be a bookstore, according to Jim Lafferty of the National Lawyers Guild, who has been negotiating with the city on behalf of the protesters.

At the Occupy general assembly meeting Monday night, Lafferty told protesters that city officials had offered them a $1-a-year lease for the space. He said he and the other negotiators had not yet seen the lease but it appeared the city would pay for utilities, as well.

The city has also said it would provide protesters with land on which to farm, although it was not known where.

It was unclear whether the Occupy protesters would agree to the deal.

Lafferty said he and others who have been meeting with officials are just messengers. He told the protesters the proposal was "just a report back about what the city is willing to do if you do something."

"The important thing is, we have said to the city we do not represent you," he said.

Yet another perfect metaphor for the Occupy movement: The Man giving into threats of violence* in return for goodies to these terrorists community organizers who will, in turn, only be co-opted into the existing union-based - identity politics - grievance industry power structure.

City Hall and the Occupiers... they're one big family and cut of the same cloth, gang. Don't be fooled. What further proof did one need than Oakland Mayor, Jean Quan allowing city employees to take leave days in order to join the Occupy protests?

The big cities that have been accommodating to the Obamaville squatters are so because they are complicit with goals both stated and implied of income redistribution and the perpetual class warfare struggle.

* The web version of this story from earlier this morning, explicitly stated that the desire to avoid violence was the chief reason for throwing Occupy these bones.


drozz said...

i will bet you one shiny nickel the "protesters" come back with more demands.

this is why you don't feed the animals.

K T Cat said...

OWS will be used to validate the need for yet more government power.

SarahB said...

According to John and Ken tonight, the negotiations between OLA and the city have broken down with the squatters storming out of the meeting. LA now saying they will evict in 72 hours...while everyone is busy shopping this weekend. Kinda love it.