Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Video clip of the day


Via Hot Air

A nice breakdown of the differences between the tea party and #OWS.

Classic liberalism vs. modern progressiveism

Downward spiral

Again, with respect to soundbites...

tea party: "End the bailouts, subsidies and crony capitalism."

OWS: "End the bailouts, subsidies and crony capitalism (... but give me mine)"

Contrary to the sloganeering, OWS is not opposed one bit to government intervention into the markets, if it means wealth redistribution via involuntary confiscation to favored political classes. In that respect, OWS is being intellectually and morally inconsistent.

The flash mobs that materialized at retailers around the country on Black Friday are indicative of this mindset. "Occupying" the time of shoppers is an involuntary confiscation and interference with customers' right to enter into a business contract with Wal Mart, Target, whomever... against the arbitrary wishes of the flash mob. This intimidation tactic is a form of mob tyranny all in the name of hopelessly uninformed, selfish moral preening.

Oh, and one last thing... Memo to you Obamaville squatters: We hate shopping. Absolutely despise it. We are probably in a foul enough mood as it is if you happen to find us at the mall or a big box retailer - don't tempt physical reprisal on account of your "right" to act like a complete fool.

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SarahB said...

Fantastic video. And they are right...there is no middle ground, and 2012 will dictate what path we are to follow.