Friday, November 18, 2011

So, a tea partier walks into an Obamaville


Sir Charles of DooDoo Economics and fellow SLOB spent some time down at Occupy San Diego a couple days ago and had some very interesting observations as a result.

Consider for a moment that the left is full of people who lived through the sixties and seventies as radical activists. They have first-hand knowledge of what worked and what did not, and why. The Occupy movement, like progressive political policies, is designed to fail in order to enrich an elitist political class through expendables, dependents and useful idiots. Consider the negative connotations of the language "Occupy."

Any movement, living in squalor, beset by radicals and including fringe elements, will eventually have individuals commit heinous and deplorable acts. The movement will react to those events and be an easy target for public outrage, outrage focused upon both the individuals involved and the movement as it reacts. The sixties and seventies radical left activists remember this, teach this, and use this. This tactic is often used against conservatives who aspire to a set of high standards but, being human, make mistakes that can be exploited as "hypocritical." The application of this tactic is only slightly different when creating groups to demonize as opposed to demonizing opponents. Machiavelli would be proud, but the myth of the compassionate left is clear.

Not to go all conspiracy theory on everybody but the timing of the simultaneous crackdowns on the OWS sites a couple of days ago has lent suspicion to the notion that the political class in this country that had been playing footsie if not outright endorsing the Obamavilles that had sprung up around the country, had had enough of the negative publicity coming out of the OWS encampments... or whatever bad press the legacy media decided to report out on.

Keeping OWS alive but not too alive would appear to be advantageous leverage for the class warfare meme of the ruling class of this country.

Check out the rest of Sir Charles' outstanding post, here.


Doo Doo Econ said...

Thank you for the review. I am humbled by your kind words!

Harrison said...

Pretty much you are right with your analysis.