Thursday, November 17, 2011

More hijinks and hilarity brought to you by OWS


This was the big nation-wide Day of Action or something for labor unions and the #OWS set, aka the President's and the Democratic Party's base.

What sort of action were they planning on? We'll let the L.A. Times explain:

Organizers of a demonstration planned Thursday morning in downtown Los Angeles say protesters are prepared to be arrested by police for committing acts of civil disobedience -- including shutting down an intersection.

The march, which is timed to coincide with other demonstrations across the country to protest the imbalance of wealth and power in the country, is set to begin at 7 a.m. at Bank of America Plaza on Hope Street. It will then make its way through the Financial District to the corner of Figueroa and 4th streets, where demonstrators plan to shut down traffic by erecting tents in the middle of the street.

Jacob Hay, a leader of the coalition of labor and community groups that helped organize the march, said the group has secured police permits, but that protesters are prepared to be arrested for blocking traffic.

Because nothing calls attention to income inequality and chronic unemployment like preventing people from getting to work.

And last night, closer to home here in San Diego, they decided to have "a moment of silence" and "solidarity" with the guy that shot at the White House yesterday.

Absolutely love the "Wait, what? /Who-let-Einstein-have-the-mic?-oh-I-guess-I-did expression on the girl's face.




SarahB said...

Classy! Can we have a side of head lice with that?

Doo Doo Econ said...

Lol@ Sarah.
The occupiers probably could use hand sanitizers...