Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sarah sez

One in a series that takes a look at some of the zany and madcap things said by the former governor of Alaska.

Palin is asked on CNBC whether or not she thinks it's right for the NLRB to be able to shut down private employers. In this sort of economy, that should be a pretty easy answer, right?

Palin: "Yes"

Wait, what?

In this instance, it is the National Labor Relations Board pressuring Boeing into shutting down one of its plants in South Carolina because it would be a open shop/non-union work place.

And actually, that was not Sarah Palin who said that but rather a Sarah sez regular, that grandmotherly nit-wit, House minority leader, Nancy Pelosi.

In setting up the question, the CNBC hostess, Maria Bartiromo, does a very good job of covering why it is businesses are freaked out and not hiring and letting capital set on the sidelines because of the regulatory uncertainty that has become the hallmark of this administration.

And it makes no difference that Pelosi qualified her remarks by saying that the Boeing plant should remain open if it went union. Why should that matter? They're jobs, right?

Good lord. You would think an administration that is absolutely floundering in persistent unemployment and stagnant economic growth would throw Boeing a party for this plant down there in South Carolina but, no... they let partisan politics and a union-centric agenda trump job growth. And if you don't think that is the case, consider also that Boeing was not shuttering a union plant in Washington state and relocating it to South Carolina... The WA plant was going to remain open as the SC plant was an entirely new plant.

Boeing wouldn't be transferring jobs to South Carolina, they would've been creating jobs, something that the government can't do.

Of course, simple economic principles like this are lost on glittering jewels of colossal ignorance like Pelosi and apparently the administration's political appointees as well, who, by their very actions, do not believe that some types of jobs are worth creating and instead be better served sacrificing those jobs on the altars of statism and cronyism.

Please remember this next time you hear anyone associated with this administration whine about how Republicans or tea partiers are obstructing job creation and/or are rooting for economic failure.

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