Friday, November 4, 2011

MAXED OUT: San Diego Beer Week, Baby!

No introduction needed. You all know the drill.

Hello, cutie pa-tooties! How ya be? I’ve realized that I’ve been on a little bit of a rude streak lately (have you come to expect anythingless?) So today I’m gonna be nice. No, I swear! I’m gonna be on
good behavior!

So raise of hands…. Who here has heard of San Diego’s Beer Week? Oh,
you have? Well aren’t you so cool? Hipster! No, but in all honesty, all of you who have never heard of SDBW let me tell you, you are
missing out… UNTIL NOW!!! You’re welcome! So this Friday marks the
beginning of the third annual San Diego Beer Week in which most of the
beer bars throughout our fair city take part in tapping some of the
finest brews from this fair city, and country, and world.

Ima keep this week’s post short and just let you know that you MUST
check it out. Go to the website here and check out this week’s events. A heads up, I will be at Hoffer’s on Friday (tonight) for our “Best Of” tap list, and at Toronado this Sunday for the total tap takeover and Monday for the Ballast Point night. Come play?

Hit me up if you wanna join or have any questions about any of the events.

Until next time my beer loving brethren, have a beer for me!

(ed. note: And do you want to know the coolest thing about Beer Week? There's so much awesomeness contained therein, it simply cannot be fit into one calendar week rather it is spread out over 10 days (Nov. 4-13). Did we say coolest? You bet we did.... To help you sort things out, the good folks at WestCoasterSD have chosen 3 worthy events for each day of the "week", here... Oh, second coolest thing: even when Beer Week is over, you can still drink beer! And you can still drink many of the excellent beers featured during Beer Week that haven't tapped out yet.... A final note on the Great American Beer Festival back in September: San Diego County walked away with 20 medals. More than any other state except California (duh) and Colorado)

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Road Dawg said...

Been a while since I have commented from this computer, so if this gets posted twice, so be it. On the return from New York, Westchester County where the cost of a simple draft (Bud) was about 6 bucks, I seldom partook in the local brews, if they had any. On the way home, I stopped off at the Portage Inn, Elmore, Ohio, a place where the antics of our father and his brother still mentioned. Had a couple Leinenkugel's Octoberfest I thought was tasty, but filling. Afterwords Pop and I shot off to Hasselbach's and picked up some sausage and you can immagine what is going on the tailgate grill this weekend at the Greenbay Game. Also fell in love with Fanziskamer Weissbier. Goes good with good food