Saturday, November 12, 2011

Photo images of the day

As recently as 3 days ago, The Carrier Classic, which we believe is to be an annual event, was going to be played below decks aboard the USS CARL VINSON here in San Diego.

Fortunately, the expected rainy weather that did indeed arrive early this morning, paused slightly out over the Pacific which allowed those in the audience and those of us in Hi-Def T.V. land one of the most spectacular visual spectacles we have ever witnessed.

Similar to Los Angeles' Rose Bowl every New Year's Day, let's make the Carrier Classic San Diego's fall post card to the rest of the nation.

Oh, by the way, North Carolina beat Michigan State 67-55.




Not a photo-shop. Repeat, not a photo-shop.



SarahB said...

Holy...cow. Those are unbelievable!! And that's why we but up with all the insanity of California politics to live here.

K T Cat said...

Were those your photos? They're fabulous!

Dean said...

Sarah, Sunshine (and partly cloudy) dollars.

KT, I wish. I was inspired by the photo on the front page of Saturday's U-T which looked mostly like the 3rd photo down. After that, I just Google image searched "Carrier Classic".

Those interwebs are great.

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