Monday, November 28, 2011

The Eurozone and #OWS


Here's KT on the current Eurozone situation:

The Europeans are facing rising borrowing costs. In a moral sense, this is mathematics enforcing what they as a society could not - the denial of desires. They wanted socialized medicine, so they took it. The wanted plump retirements, so they took them. Like children whose parents have given up on discipline, they've grabbed everything for themselves. Now the stern hand of the market is coming down on them to restore the discipline they threw away in a frenzy of selfishness that they claimed was "compassion."


Meanwhile, closer to home here in San Diego, here are some more charming antics by the #OWS set "occupying" a local Wal Mart on Black Friday (via B-Daddy). These flash occupies sprang up at numerous other Wal Mart's around the country and you had a case of Occupiers blocking access to an Apple store up in the Bay Area on Friday as well.

Now, ain't that a turn: The Occupiers will dictate to you just who it is you can partronize, where you can shop and what you can buy.

Because nothing says "power to the people" and sticking it to The Man like denying other people their freedom to enter into a voluntary contract with the provider of their choice and access to inexpensive yet quality goods and merchandise. Isn't WalMart precisely the type of equalizer and money- stretcher these goons should be championing if they were truly serious about doing something about income inequality?

And you would not be mistaken if you sense a familiar theme running through the disgruntled and rioting Eurozone masses and the #OWS set. It's a theme of entitlement. Entitlement to manufactured "rights" and entitlement to other people's goods, services and property.

A consistent demand we hear from #OWS is student loan forgiveness and home loand debt forgiveness. They essentially are demanding free education and free housing. What these economic illiterates do not realize or do not care to realize is that nothing is free. Someone had to pay for that college to be built. Someone had to pay the professor to lecture on the worthless, unemployable degree that the school will be handing out and someone had pay for the material and labor that built the houses that are now under-water.

Just as the Occupiers do not realize the ridiculous irony of preventing consumer choice by shutting down retailers on Black Friday, they also do not realize that the cost of a free education (via student loan debt forgiveness) and/or free housing (via home loan debt forgiveness) will just be passed along to the 99% they claim to represent in the form of higher taxes, fees and housing prices of future sales.

Nothing is free. Not health care, not housing, not education, nor plump retirement plans. Nothing. The actions and logic employed by #OWS and Eurozone citizenry running contrary to this set of facts prove a deep-seated immaturity and a childish unwillingness to confront reality. It's all completely selfish moral preening in the name of "justice"

Math wins. Math always wins.


B-Daddy said...

If Hugo Chavez can repeal the laws of supply and demand, which are just lies, anyway, then why can't #OWS get Congress to repeal math and logic?

From the link:
“The law of supply and demand is a lie,” Karlin Granadillo, the head of a [Venezuelan] price control agency set up to enforce the new regulations, said yesterday on state television. “These are not arbitrary measures. They are necessary.”

H/T Carpe Diem

K T Cat said...

Thanks for the link!

I couldn't watch the whole video. The guy was waving his camera around like a flag. Horrible work. Truly horrible.

Doo Doo Econ said...

Well written my friend!

Dean said...

Thanks, Charles.