Sunday, February 19, 2012

Profiles in courage


Via B-Daddy. This is jaw-droppingly stunning: if there is a bigger case of management-speak bullshit bingo than what Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, gives in the first minute of this clip regarding the admninistration's budget proposal, we have yet to hear it.

"Leaders are supposed to fix problems"

They've pretty much given up. Geithner admits they don't have any plan nor any actual desire to get long-range debt, which is driven by currently unsustainable entitlements in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, under control.

More lying to the American public will have to suffice because Geithner's basis for opposition to Paul Ryan's budget is simply, "We don't like yours".

This is what passes for leadership in this country in 2012. Four more years of cowardice and shameful cynicism. We can't wait.



K T Cat said...

A link is on the way in a post later today.

Harrison said...

Geithner is a hack. Hell, they all seem to be. Plus he looks kind of like that guy from Eraserhead.

It's just put the blame on the GOP and hope our guys win.