Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl open thread


No small amount of Charger fans here in town will be rooting for the Pats as they still haven't forgiven Brother Eli Manning for snubbing the Chargers on draft day back in 2004 when he his dad, Archie, said there was no way Eli was going to sign with the Chargers were he drafted by them. Well, they drafted him and then traded him for a draft pick that became Philip Rivers.

Get over it, people. We got over it the day all this went down as people forget that many, ourselves included, thought Rivers to be the better quarterback at the time. And we still do. Yes, Brother Eli will now be appearing in his second Super Bowl to zero for Rivers and though you can lay blame for that at many people's feat, Rivers is not one of them. And an inexplicably bad start this past season, aside, we believe Rivers to be a better quarterback than Eli.

Now, having said all that, take the Giants getting the 3 points against the Patriots. We like the overall health of the G-Men compared to that of the Patriots and the fact that the Giants' passing attack should be able to shred that weak New England secondary.

X-factor: New England establishing a running game against the pin-their-ears-back-and-get-upfield pass rushing of the Giants' four down linemen.

OK, gang. That's it for today. Hope everyone is able to enjoy the big game with family and friends.

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Mutnodjmet said...

I am joining friends for fish tacos and margaritas, so already this Superbowl is totally awesome. I will be more interested in the commercials and the half-time show. However, I hope for a thrilling game for your sake. Hugs.

drozz said...

side thread: best prop bet.

saw a few awesome ones. such as:

1) will any booth broadcaster say the word "tebow" in the first half?

2) who will the cameras pan to first? peyton manning or giselle?

Dean said...

drozz, over/under on length of the national anthem: 1:22.

Leslie, any excuse to get together with family, friends and loved ones to eat and drink is a worthy endeavor.

drozz said...

most sites have it around 1:34, so take the over. just make sure you know when the clock starts.

Dean said...

Taking another 20 bucks from Mas... priceless.

drozz said...

I hate to say it (because am an eagles fan) but Eli played his ass off this year and deserved it.

Mostly Nothing said...

Eli was a bad choice for SD at the time. They didn't have an offensive line, and Eli wasn't/isn't very mobile.
That said, they did the right thing drafting him, the look on his face was priceless. Players don't say where they should be drafted. The Chargers made that point.
As to Rivers, Charger management is completely to blame for their relative lack of success. They fire Marty because he couldn't win in the post season. How Norv has stayed employed for the past 3 years is beyond all understanding.