Friday, February 10, 2012

What you are witnessing is now against the law


We're pretty doggone sure we've identified Reason's Nanny of the Month already for the month of February.

When you head down to the beach for a little fun this summer, county officials want you to leave the pigskin at home.

The Board of Supervisors this week agreed to raise fines for anyone who throws a football or a Frisbee on any beach in Los Angeles County.

In passing the 37-page ordinance on Tuesday, officials sought to outline responsibilities for law enforcement and other public agencies while also providing clarification on beach-goer activities that could potentially disrupt or even injure the public.

According to Lucy Kim, from the LA County Department of Beaches and Harbors, a first-time offender will have to pay a $100 fine. For a second offense, beach-goers will face a $200 fine. Three or more infractions within one year will result in a $500 fine, Kim said.

The updated rules now prohibit “any person to cast, toss, throw, kick or roll” any object other than a beach ball or volleyball “upon or over any beach” between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Exceptions allow for ball-throwing in predesignated areas, when a person obtains a permit, or playing water polo “in or over the Pacific Ocean”.

A permit. A permit to toss around a football down at the beach. Freaking awesome.

But maybe we missed the memo. That memo detailing those head injuries being sustained on L.A. beaches due to errant football throws and teeth knocked loose due to blazed hippies and off-course frisbee flings.

We highly doubt that The Onion could even parody something this ridiculous.

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SarahB said...

Oh, don't forget the part about how kids aren't allowed to dig holes deeper than 18" anymore.

I haven't been hot and heavy in event organizing lately, but the second this concept starts to infest San Diego we're planning the biggest beach party ball tossing fest ever.